About Us

Every family, every community, has a heartstring that unites those from near and far. At Lewis|Fay, we believe that this heartstring begins with the home. Front doors that are always open, warm kitchens simmering and baking with decadence and deliciousness, living rooms and backyards filled with laughter and lively conversation. Whether you're hosting a special dinner party and in search of hand-crafted serving ware and globally inspired recipe books, or whether you're ready to be inspired by a guest speaker or want to bring out your inner (wine-infused) artist during one of our hands-on workshops, we invite you to spend time with cherished friends as well as friends you have yet to meet. Enjoy, indulge, laugh & savor. We're here to make life a little sweeter, our neighborhood a little more vibrant, our community a little more abundant. Most of all, we're just glad you're here.